What The Canadian Foreign Worker Program Is All About

Canada has been envied among other nations for being atop in work force and economic proliferation. This braced-up developments was due to the evidences of programs set aside by the Canadian body to ensure the training of immigrant workers into its space. Among this eminent program is the Foreign Worker Program.
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The Foreign Worker program is a program that has enabled Canadian firms to hire foreign labor or foreign workers to immigrate to the country to work. To onetime requirement for joining this program is obtaining a Canadian Work Permit which enables you to move to Canada within some space of time and open to renewal on expiration.

Obtaining work permit from enviable Canadian Immigration body only but offers you stay in Canada within some stipulated time. You never can tell what your love for Canada can turn out be, you may then decide to permanently reside there, its possibility is dependent on two immigration programs, thus:

  • Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs): The Provincial Nominee Program enables Canadian Provinces to have choice of Immigrants appropriate for its labour market and economy. Any Immigrant wishing to settle for any Canadian Province would simply apply in the respective PNP programs.
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC): this programs run under the Express Entry Immigration program, and requires you to be a working class in Canada within specific years.





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