Travel to Canada As a Skilled Worker Without Any Arranged Employment!!!

A Skilled Worker without any offer of employment can still make it to Canada  by first declaring a sufficient settlement funds upon entering the Express Entry pool. This declaration must then be proven when an application for permanent residence is made.

A single applicant  is required to show funds of at least $12,300, and the requirement increases depending on family size. This amount below shows increment value based on number of members involved:

     Family Size                                 Funds required in Canadian Dollars (in CAD)

1 (single member)   ————————————————–$12,669
2                                      —————————————————$15,772
3                                      —————————————————$19,390
4                                      —————————————————$23,542
5                                      —————————————————$26,701
6                                      —————————————————$30,114
7                                      —————————————————$33,528

The value $3,414 is appended for every added family member, and thus funds involved must be available and transferable.

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