How To Identify Fraudulent Online Job Opportunities

Quite a number of people has been scammed in guise of job opportunity. A good number of individuals fall prey on daily basis just for the simple fact of wanting to seize a better job outside his/her locality, from fraudulent online scammers; information they say is power, how do you then identify fake and fraudulent job posts online:
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  • Confirm if the Job opportunity is feasible and realistic? : Most fraudulent scammers who would want to get attention from online users end up posting unreliable job opportunities which are not viable and such intended to woo users to their site traffic. To better identify such fraudulent job post, you should make sure the the prospect gigging this jobs out are feasible and realistic; If it becomes too obvious that the need to apply for the job is based on several allowances that can be offered, my dear seize the will to move further; it invariably may be scam and fraudulent.
  • Are they requesting for money? Once a person or the agency advertising the job opportunity is demanding for some money from you, no matter how little, then something’s fishy. You shouldn’t be paying to get a job.
  • Are they requesting for any sensitive information? For any online job placement, the first required document about you that may indeed be needed is your curriculum vitae(CV), any other request either for sensitive information or personal detail is to your own detriment. Don’t give out your bank information on any online platform, it could mar your security.
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1 Comment

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