High in Demands Skills You Should Acquire As an Immigrant

Canada offers a wealth of opportunities in a range of highly skilled and well-paid jobs. Immigration is vital to the Canadian economy which help solves the labour shortage. The Canadian government has provided different visa categories to cater to various immigration objectives especially the expedited immigration process for highly skilled foreign workers.

Yearly thousands of visas are issued to economic immigrants whose expertise impacts positively on the Canadian economy. Canada’s friendly immigration policy is a lure for thousands of immigrants who seek a better and quality life.

There are various ways to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker which include Express entry, Provincial Nominee Program and the Quebec Selection program.

The major requirement for qualification is having a skill(s) in demand, you could be sponsored by a Canadian employer or government entity.

Cardiologist Technologist: As a result of the large ageing number, Cardiology technologist are in high demand in Canada. The significant number of employment opportunities is found largely in health care and social assistance. You must be a registered member with the Canadian Society of Cardiology Technologist to be able to work as a cardiologist technologist in Canada with the exception of Quebec.

Cardiologist technologist can earn around $44.27 hourly wage which is the highest hourly rate in Calgary while in lowest average hourly hour for a cardiologist is $20.85 per hour in Halifax.

Salary ranges:
Hourly: CAD$20.45 – CAD$33.75
Annual: CAD$43.54 – CAD469.70

Engineering, Chemical, Mining, Petroleum, Geological and Aerospace

Engineering career is constantly on the list of the eligible federal skilled worker occupation as with construction management. The listed occupation/skills are all in-demand on the list of required workers in short supply. Salaries can vary across the different sectors and different regions of Canada.

Salary Ranges:

  • Chemical Engineer:
    Hourly: CA$12.96 – CA$57.81
    Annual: CA$45,128- CA$102,323
  • Mining / Geological Engineer:
    Hourly: CA$39.04
    Annual: CA$56,575- CA$124,764
  • Petroleum Engineer:
    Hourly: CA$50.08
    Annual: CA$63,421- CA$232,240
  • Aerospace Engineer:
    Hourly: CA$17.00 – CA$47.92
    Annual: CA$49,248- CA$111,006

Land Surveyors

Land surveyors is one in-demand skills in Canada and is expected to continue so, immigrants with the required skills will continue to be in high demand across Canada. The roles of Land Surveyors are available all over Canada and offers a wide range of choices. Opportunities exist in most part of Canada both in the Urban and Rural areas, making this career one of the most in-demand skills in Canada.

Salary Ranges:

  • Hourly: CA$17.72 – CA$36.44
  • Annual: CA$38,185 – CA$108,065

Occupational Therapist

Emotional, psychological disorders and Occupational hazards among other problems are taken care of by the Occupational Therapist in the work environment thus helping workers to adjust,maintain and improve on their self care abilities.

Employment opportuinitis for Occupational Therapist can be found widely in the public and private sectors. The working environment include care facilities, hospitals, schools and social services.

Salary Ranges:
Hourly: CA$27.89 – CA$48.27
Annualy: CA$47.52 – CA$81.79

Medical Laboratory Technicians and Pathologist Assistants

Foreign skilled immigrant with accuracy and ability to stick to process is a major requirement.The employment opportunities for Laboratory technicians is available in both private and public sector which include private laboratories, major hospitals, community clinics, University research facilities, and biotechnology companies etc. The roles can be demanding and vary, and the career offers the chance to work in any region in Canada and the relatively good opportinites for promotion to management level.

Salary Range:

Hourly: CA$13.04 – CA$28.01
Annualy: CA$26.78 – CA$60.52

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