Australia VS Canada – Which Country is Better for Immigration

Given the kind of infrastructure, facilities, urban cities, organized and friendly immigration system, ample employment opportunities, high standard of living, and ideal settings for immigrants Canada and Australia provides, it will be a tough call choosing between them. However, based on individual preference among couple one may prefer Australia while the other chose Canada.

Before moving to a new country, it is best you consider a few possibilities or compare your options before picking a location to start a new life.

Comparison Between Australia and Canada

Canada The land of maple leave and Poutine is also known as the immigrants’ haven. The appellation is well deserved because of the friendly immigration policies and diverse cultural settings which aids the assimilation of new immigrants.

Here are the reasons why you must consider Canada

  • Flexible immigration system: Canada’s immigration policy is one of the friendliest towards immigrants and refugees. Yearly thousands of immigrants from all over the world call Canada home. As a matter of fact, the Canadian government announced plans to welcome over 300,000 immigrants this year.
  • Affordable accommodation: This is one reason immigrants throng to Canada, as compared to other European cities with expensive accommodations.
  • Employment opportunities: Canada’s robust economy and labour market shortage is a major lure for most skilled workers.
  • Immigrant-serving Organization: All provinces and territories in Canada have immigrant-serving organizations that aid new immigrants in assimilating into the society seamlessly, and also help new immigrants in job search, accommodations, government services and settlement procedures.
  • An ideal place to raise a family: Canada extol hard work and discipline and is often regarded as the perfect place to raise a family. Additionally, Canada’s free education, healthcare system, secure environment and tolerant multicultural communities is a lure for most immigrants.
  • Weather and beautiful scenery: Extreme cold temperatures may immediately come to mind when thinking of Canada, the weather here varies widely depending on where you are. After all, Canada is a huge country, stretching from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean and covering five time zones. Canada is home to various world heritage site and the country offers beautiful scenery, a delight for tourist.


The land of “OZ” Offers lots of immense benefits to immigrants ranging from employment opportunities, beautiful tourist attraction, security, quality and affordable healthcare, and a friendly multicultural society these factors are a major attraction for immigrants worldwide. The following reasons should entice you into moving to Australia.

  • Public healthcare and Education: Australia offers quality public affordable healthcare and public education at a subsidized rate
  • Access to New Zealand: An Australian permanent residency status gives you easy access to explore New Zealand where you can live and work without recourse to visa or work permit
  • Robust economy equals high-income jobs: Australia operates one of the strongest economies in the world, which in turn provides high-income jobs to immigrants especially in the IT, Healthcare, Engineering and construction sectors
  • Friendly immigration system: The Australian immigration system is point based and one of the most organized immigration system in the world.
  • Cost of living: The cost of living in Australia is higher than in Canada, however, it provides high paying jobs which compliments for its high cost of living.
  • Weather and Beautiful scenery: Australia is blessed with breathtaking scenery and beautiful weather. Australia experiences temperate weather for most of the year but the climate can vary due to the size of the continent. Various world heritage sites can be found in Australia, a delight for tourist.

Choosing between the countries boils down to preference because the two countries have a lot of similarities. If you are confused about your selection, it is best to consult with an immigration consultant who will through probes and experience provide you with the best guidance.



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