All About Getting Your VISA And Migrating To The United Kingdom

Migration can appear to be an onerous task, but the right information can make moving a generally easy procedure. This article will highlight the basic information about moving to the UK.

The United Kingdom is a prominent destination for foreigners globally, the country offers diversity in employment opportunities. The capital city is considered one of the world’s best cities by international standard, in spite of the fact that London is relatively expensive

The UK like many developed nations adopts a friendly immigration process that caters for thousands of people hoping to call the UK home. There are different visa options offered by the UK government, and knowing the right visa is the first major considerations when making plans to move to the UK.

The UK visa is subdivided into three categories namely:

  • UK migration Visas: This visa stream caters for temporary migration to the UK such as Employer Sponsorship LIcense, Temporary work visa and student visa etc.
  • UK Family Visa: As the name implies, this category of visa is aimed at bringing families and loved ones together. People planning to marry UK permanent resident or British citizens are eligible for this category.
  • Other UK Immigration Pathways: Entrepreneurs and business owners who wish to invest in the British economy, or immigrants on a temporary visa who have shown commitment to remain in the UK are eligible for this stream.

Healthcare In The UK
Healthcare in the Uk through the National Health Service (NHS) is funded through taxation easily accessible to all residents in the UK, aside from certain charges, for example, for dental care

Universal Credit which is also known as the social security system covers unemployment and welfare benefits which include disability living allowance, statutory sick pay, maternity and paternity pay and a state pension. Residents in the UK are eligible for this scheme, though the exact amount depends on National Insurance contributions.

Finding work in the UK
The UK economy is one of the biggest in Europe with a high rate of employment for foreigners. Although the big cities is were most of the jobs are located, however, certain job high skilled occupations are in great demand.

To secure positions in the UK or London, it’s ideal to begin searching from your home country in case you need to secure a work permit or interview.

Popular job sites like monster and LinkedIn offers great insight and opportunities for job seekers. Before you submit your CV ensure they conform to UK standard and is not poorly written.

The average wage in the Uk is the 9th in Europe and 22nd in the world. There exist a minimum and living wage, however, the difference between high and low earners in cities like London is incredibly large. The pay for casual work is not so great, but ample work opportunities abound.

Finding Accommodation In The Uk
Where you live in the UK is dependent on several factors suck your place of work and the general job opportunities prevalent, culture, environment and nightlife. Many of the big cities have a sizeable number of foreigners. London and other big cities are expensive, as prospective immigrants, it is wise to consider living in town or suburb to curb the expensive lifestyle of the big cities. The good transport system in the Uk allows workers to commute with ease.

For non-Eu citizens, getting a job or work permit is not easy to come by, however getting a job is not entirely difficult, you will have to convince your employer that you are qualified for the position. Shortage of qualified workers in the Uk has caused an influx of skilled international workers.



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